Republic of Moldova, development of the National Hospital Master Plan 2020
A Master Plan has  determined sustainable milestones for the hospital sector in Moldova.

In addition to a capacity and efficiency analysis, as well as a definition of  country-wide bed demand following European Standards, the Study deals also with the creation of the country-wide hospital network, Cost calculation, Development and requirement of human resources, time schedule regarding the implementation, as well as the definition of the implementation phases.

Major part of the Study is dedicated  to the furnishing with medical equipment of the further hospitals

Investment: 637,6 mn EUR
Consultancy Fee: 0,05 mn EUR
Capacity: 13,200 beds
Gross Floor Area: Not applicable

Our achievements

  • Consultancy
  • Base estimates
  • Preliminary design and cost estimation
  • Design documentation and cost accounting
  • Know-How-Transfer

This project was realised by me as employee of the top consult köln GmbH.