Feasibility Study for the Republican Hospital, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
In the frame of the Health Care reform, a Feasibility Study was created regarding the renovation and modernisation of the Republican Hospital.

A comprehensive assessment of the technical and medical devices, existing capacities, medical departments, provided services as well as the structure of medical and technical staff served as basis for the creation of a long term and sustainable development concept of the hospital.

A new department allocation scheme was created. A needs assessment was done considering the catchment area and the medical role of the hospital as the single provider of medical services on a tertiary level. Based on the needs assessment, the structure of human resources, furnishing with medical equipment, number of beds, special departments, incoming and running costs, the possibility of extension and reconstruction were identified and set.

In the frame of the strategic development a time schedule was created regarding the implementation of the concept with definition of the phases and investments.

Investment: 86,1 mn EUR
Consultancy Fee: 0,04 mn
EUR Capacity: 672 Beds
Gross Floor Area: 59,800 sqm

Our achievements

  • Base estimates
  • Preliminary design and cost estimation
  • Design documentation and cost accounting
  • Know-How-Transfer

This project was realised by me as employee of the top consult köln GmbH.