Erection of the National Diabetic Centre Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
In view of the alarming figures of diabetic diseases  in Moldova  the Government has decided to build the National Diabetic Centre in Chisinau. With the financial support of the Kuwait Development Bank, a country-wide Feasibility Study was compiled with the purpose to survey the medical care in this field. The critical analysis of running National Programs in the range of nutrition and awareness policy, as well as sports programs was also part of the Study. The results of the Study have substantiated the necessity of the creation of the National Diabetic Centre.

The planned facility is structured in four areas:

  • Surgery/Inpatient care with 125 beds,
  • Ambulatory care,
  • Training,
  • Nutrition consultancy

The Centre will be connected by two corridors to the Republican Hospital. In this way the medical equipment and medical services of the Republican Hospital could be used jointly.

Investment: 10,7 mn EUR
Consultancy Fee: 0,04 mn EUR
Capacity: 125 Beds
Gross Floor Area: 7,700 sqm

Our achievements

  • Base estimates
  • Preliminary design and cost estimation
  • Design documentation and cost accounting
  • Application for permit
  • Detailed design
  • Preparation of the placing

This project was realised by me as employee of the top consult köln GmbH.